Shelf Companies are Companies ready incorporated under the Malaysian Companies Act, 1965, and are available for immediate use by those who required a Malaysian Company on an urgent basis. These companies are normally dormant and have the minimum number of Malaysians, as required under the Companies Act, being named as the subscribers to the Memorandum of Association and first directors in the Articles of Association of the companies. It alleviates the additional time required for incorporation process which will take about three to four weeks depending on the approval from the Companies Commission of Malaysia to use the proposed company name decide by the client.

A Shelf company has the same characteristics as a normal newly incorporated company, except that it has been incorporated at an earlier date. Once a client has chosen a shelf company from our list of shelf companies, we will structure the company by transferring ownership and appointing directors as instructed by the client, and amending any details the client may wish to be changed.

However, a shelf company booked or reserved is your property only upon full payment received by us. Usage of the Company’s name in any form before payment is strictly prohibited.

Go to Incorporation of Company if you wish to incorporate a new company with us.



RM 2,500
RM 3,000
RM 2,500
RM 3,000

Price quoted includes: -

- Stamp Duty & Attestation Fees
- Government Registration fees for authorized capital of RM100,000-00
- Company Seal, Minutes & Register Book, Share Certificate Book


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